Travel Guide for Peoria

  • The Peoria Public Library has several works by women artists including paintings by Fannie Winchell and Ellen Galusha Smith. The collection is displayed throughout the library and changes periodically.
  • The Peoria Women's Club displays artwork by women artists on the main floor. Included are several watercolors by Nona White and her sister Emily.
  • Two 8-ft tall limestone statues titled "Peace" and "Harvest" were created in 1939 by Mary Anderson Clark as part of the WPA/FAP program. They can be seen at the corner of Jefferson and Main Streets in downtown Peoria.
  • Peoria Riverfront Museum has works by Dora Bourscheidt and Garada Clark Riley, which are often included in the rotating exhibits of the museum's collection.
  • The Peoria Historical Society displays paintings and artifacts in its offices on Washington Street. Among the paintings are two large portraits by Emily White.