Travel Guide for Chicago

  • At the Central Annex Post Office Station (433 W. Harrison), see the mural “Advent of ‘The Pioneer’-1851” by Frances Foy. An oil on canvas work prepared in 1938, it was funded by the Treasury Department’s Section of Fine Art.
  • Vanderpoel Art Museum is located at the Ridge Park Fieldhouse, 9625 S. Longwood Drive Chicago. Artwork donated by more than 500 artists--many of them women--are on display in the gallery.
  • Hull House Museum on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus displays portrait paintings of Jane Addams and Mary Rozet Smith by Alice Kellogg Tyler (1862 -1900) who taught and exhibited her work at Hull House.
  • The Woman Made Gallery on Milwaukee Avenue supports women in the arts through exhibitions and artist development workshops.
  • Many women artists rented studio space at the Chicago Fine Arts Building in the early 1900s. Among them were Martha S. Baker (1871-1911) and Bertha Menzler-Peyton (1871-1947) who painted murals on the walls of the lobby on the 10th floor.