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Contribute a Biography or Art Information to the IWA Project

The IWA Project is a collaborative, multi-authored work in progress, and we encourage user contributions. Create a biography, refine a current biography, or send relevant, interesting art information.

Submission Guidelines

We appreciate factual, comprehensive, well-organized biographies written in a conversational style. Be sure to include as much information as you can about the artist’s medium (paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, and photographs), style and subjects, education and training, where she exhibited her work, awards she received, and life information that might be of interest to readers.

Please keep in mind that the IWA Project is not a promotional site. Biographical information should not include promotional or advertising language about an artist or her work. Our editors reserve the right to revise for style, tone, structure, grammar, and punctuation.

We need to know the sources of your information. Full references for books, articles, letters, formal interviews, and personal conversations are required. Include print, electronic, recorded, and visual-medium sources.

Include your name and contact information, and please tell us if you are related to the artist.

Send your biography or additional information to

Thank you for contributing to the IWA Project.

Contribute Photographs

Do you have a photograph of her artwork? Perhaps you have a photograph of the artist herself?

To send us an image, please make sure it is in .jpg format. Maximum file size is 100k bytes, 72dpi. Images should not exceed 700 pixels in either direction.

Please send the following for each image:
Artist's full name
Birth and death dates (if known)
Title and date of work
Collection/Assignee (who owns the work today)

Please remember that all artwork images are copyright of the artist or assignee.