Magda Fejer Glatter

Dr. Zoltan Glatter
Birth Date: 
Death Date: 
East Moline, IL.
Active In: 
East Moline, IL.
Solo, Chicago.
Solo, Rockford, IL
Solo, Mount Carroll, IL
Solo, Miami Beach, FL
Solo, Davenport Museum of Art, IA
Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Other Occupations: 
Instructor, Augustana College, IL

Two Magda Glatter Biographies

Magda Glatter: The Maverick Factor is a biography by Ann Boaden, adjunct professor at Augustana College and is available at the Augustana website.

Magda Fegers Glatter 1903-1977 by Duane Paulsen

Magda Glatter, a well-known artist, public speaker and art instructor, was born in Budapest, Hungary. She immigrated to the United States in 1926, when she was married to her husband in New York City on June 25. She attended the School of Applied Arts in Budapest, Hungary, and also studied in the art schools of Vienna and Paris, as well as at the Art Institute of Chicago. The world-renowned Professor Jascik, of Budapest, was her teacher for five years. Visiting art galleries on both continents was Magda’s favorite occupation and also a source of extensive research material.

Between 1940 and 1950, Magda taught private art classes in Dixon as her husband was on the State School staff. In 1950 they moved to Rock Island where she taught art history, appreciation, education, advertising, and crafts at Augustana College.

Magda’s paintings have been exhibited in Chicago, Rockford, Freeport, Mt. Carroll, Dixon, Grand Detour, and Galesburg, Illinois; Davenport and Clinton, Iowa; South Bend, Indiana; Miami Beach, Florida; and Hollywood, California. She won many awards over the years and was an active member of the Phidian Art Club.

In 1955 Magda and her husband were in a car accident, and he was killed. She and her son, Dr. Thomas Glatter, were seriously injured. She came back to Dixon to recuperate at her parents' home. She remained in Dixon until her death in 1977.

Received from Colleen and Bob Logsdon, authors of The Phidian Art Club 1890-2009