Katherine H Scott

Maiden Name: 
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Burlington, IA
Death Date: 
Death Place: 
West Chester, PA
Burlington, IA, 1915-17
West Chester, PA
Active In: 
Painting - Oil
Painting - Watercolor
Annual Exhibition of the Art Students League of Chicago, AIC
Chicago Society of Artists Exhibition
American Water Color Club
Annual Exhibition of Water Colors, Pastels and Miniatures by American Artists, AIC, 1917
St Louis/Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904
Portland (OR) Museum
Federation of Water Color Artists, Fresno, CA
Chicago Artists Guild
Art Students League of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago Alumni Association
Chicago Artists Guild
Des Moines, IA
Other Occupations: 
Teacher, West Chester (PA) Teachers College
Director, Douglas Park School of Music, Chicago, 1908-10
Director, art department of Rockford College
Director, School of Art, Burlington, Iowa
Miss Katherine H. Scott, portrait painter, writer of prose and verse, was born in Burlington, the daughter of Frederic J. Scott and Ada Winton, pioneers of that city. Her father is a veteran of the Civil War and her mother who came to Burlington in 1853 was one of the leading teachers of instrumental music in the early days. Miss Scott attended the Burlington schools. She was graduated from the Chicago Art Institute in 1901. Later she took a post-graduate course in the same school. She was a pupil of the late John H. Vanderpoel, Henry Hubble, Albert Herter, Frederic W. Freer, Mrs. Evelyn Beachy, Frank Duveneck and other prominent artists. Her special work is oil portraits, and ivory miniatures, although she does landscapes in both oil and water color, makes her own illustrations, for her "Verses for Children," and makes her own designs for craftwork. Her work has been exhibited, especially portraits in oil, and miniatures in the Art Student's League in Chicago, Society of Chicago Artists, American Water-color and Miniature Painters, St. Louis Exposition, and in prominent galleries in Chicago and other Western cities. She has since 1899 been a successful art teacher, having taught in the Chicago Art Institute, both in the normal department and in the juvenile department; she was director of the art department of the Douglas Park School of Music, Chicago, 1908-10; she was for ten years director of the art department of Rockford College. She is now successfully directing the School of Art in Burlington. She is a woman of unusual talent, one who sincerely loves her art, and who in all her work is true to her ideal. The Blue Book of Iowa Women A History of Contemporary Women Compiled by Winona Evans Reeves, 1914. http://www.kinyon.com/iowa/iawomen1914/00539scott.htm