Elizabeth McCord

Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Dayton, OH
Death Date: 
Death Place: 
Venice Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Active In: 
Los Angeles, CA
Painting - Oil
City Genre
Floral Still Life
Interior View
1938 WPA, Donald Vestal Puppet Project, Natural History Museum Washington D.C.,
44th Annual Chicago and Vicinity Exhibit, Art Institute of Chicago, 1940
WPA Paintings, National Museum, Washington DC 1940
Annual Exhibition, Los Angels County Museum, CA 1948
Painting in the USA, Los Angeles County Museum, CA 1951
Abstract Art, Los Angeles Art Association, CA 1959
New Work by California Artists, LA Art Association Galleries, 1970
Illinois State Museum exhibition, prior to 1940
Los Angeles Art Association
Art Institute of Chicago, 1932-34
Other Occupations: 
Art teacher, Hull House, Chicago, 1938-1945
Easel artist for WPA 1939-1943

For more information, see the artist's website at http://elizabethmccord.net/

Elizabeth Wilson McCord (1914-2008)was born on January 30th, 1914 in Dayton Ohio but spent the first year of her life on the shores of the Pacific Ocean while her father worked in San Francisco. Growing up in Chicago, Elizabeth was the oldest sibling to three brothers.

She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago (1932- 1934) and lived for a short time in Boston, Massachusetts, before returning to Chicago in 1938 to work as a teacher of art at Hull House, (a settlement house founded by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jane Addams in 1889) where classes and social services were provided to the city’s immigrant population. Elizabeth remained employed there until 1945. From 1939 - 1943, Elizabeth also worked as an easel artist for the Artists Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). This sponsorship enabled her to more out of her quarters in the roof of Hull House and into her own apartment on the north side of Chicago. During the period of 1930 - 1940 her works were exhibited in the Chicago Art Institute, National Museum in Washington, DC, and Illinois State Museum.

In 1945, McCord followed both her parents and her three brothers to California, settling in Venice Beach. She married Lou Newman on August 21, 1951. McCord participated in the 1951 cutting edge exhibition ‘Painting in the USA' at the Los Angeles County Museum and was part of the Los Angeles Art Association.

"Elizabeth’s work changed with her move to California and with each following decade. Her oil paintings transitioned to became abstract in the late and 40s and 50s, as she created distinct rectangles of strong color. Throughout the 60s and onward, the majority of her work was acrylic on canvas becoming looser, while maintaining intense color, altering over the years through periods of love for oranges, blues, pinks, or tans. Additionally, she painted some scenes of landscapes of the hills in Northern California, plants in their home, pen and ink of beach detail, and a series of ceramic tiles and animals." ( Joan McCord Eccles)

Elizabeth McCord died at her home in Venice Beach, California on April 18, 2008.


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