Welcome to the Illinois Women Artists Database!

When you explore the IWA Database, you’ll find information about more than 450 women artists who were active in Illinois between 1840 and 1960.

The IWA Database is a work in progress. To add information, comments or to ask questions, go to the Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

In fact, one of the most exciting aspects of the IWA Project is that it is a collaboration of contributors from around the state – Illinois art historians, librarians, art and history club members, university students, writers, collectors, and artists’ relatives. The process is ongoing. We believe that continuing contributions make the database richer.

As our circle of contributors grows, you’ll find more and more valuable information about our artists. Please check our site often. This is a monitored collaborative, multi-authored website.

Please note that over time reference sources will be applied to each artist. Until then, please visit the Works Cited List which includes many of the publications used in developing the information for the Illinois Women Artists Project. Biographies are being added as well. If you would like to write a biography or provide information about an artist, please go to the Contact Us page.

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