Louise Dunn Yochim

Maurice Yochim
Birth Date: 
Birth Place: 
Jitomir, Ukraine
Death Date: 
Ukraine, Russia
Chicago, IL
Active In: 
Chicago, IL
Mixed Media
Painting - Oil
Painting - Watercolor
City Scenes/Cityscape
Annual Exhibition of Works by Chicago Artists, AIC, 1935-44 (4 times)
Annual Exhibition of Oil Paintings & Sculpture by American Artists, AIC, 1935, 36
Solo, Todros Geller Gallery, Chicago, 1947, 51, 63
Riverside Museum, NY, 1951
Associated Artists Gallery, Chicago, 1953
Des Moines (IA) Art Center, 1955
Illinois State Museum, Springfield, 1958
Renaissance Society of Art, University of Chicago, 1955-58
Cleveland (OH) Museum of Art, 1958
Butler Institute of American Art, Cleveland (OH), 1958
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1958
Solo, First Federal Gallery, Chicago, 1960
Union League Club of Chicago, 1965
University Club of Chicago, 1966-70, 72-73, 1975-77
Solo, University Club of Chicago, 1974
Woman's Aid Scholarship, AIC, 1932
Todros Geller Award for painting, 1948, 61
L M Stein Award for painting, 1955
Nathan Schwartz Award, 1955
Emily Bernstein Award, 1958
Susan Fried Award, 1959
Honorable Mention, Old Orchard Festival Award, Skokie (IL) 1959
Honorable Mention, Chicago Society of Artists exhibit, 1970
Spertus College of Judaica, 1970, 77
Chicago Society of Artists, (president 1973-79)
Other Occupations: 
Teacher, Chicago Academy of Fine Art
Teacher, Longfellow School, Oak Park (IL), 1932
Teacher, Junior School AIC, 1930-32
Teacher, Lake View (IL) Evening High School, 1934-44
Teacher, Chicago Public High Schools, 1930-50
Teacher, Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, 1952
Teacher, Chicago Teachers College, 1952, 53, 60
Teacher, Wright Junior College, Chicago, 1952, 53
Supervisor of Art, Chicago Public Schools, 1950-71
Author, "Perceptual Growth in Creativity"
Author, "The Harvest of Freedom: Jewish Artists in America, 1930-1980s", American References, 1989
Author, "Role and Impact: The Chicago Society of Artists"
Co-editor, "The Harvest of Freedom: Jewish American Artists 1930-50"
For a complete list of her exhibitions, see "Role and Impact: the Chicago Society of Artists"